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PSA23_01 A Psalm of David. The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want.

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We need your help to make our KJV mp3 split into verses with accurate file names. Just listen to this Verse Bible in your daily devotions and help me make all the file names accurate.

The list files above will give you a listing of all chapter's, verse's and books in the KJV. You can use these list to save typing when making a list of the KJV MP3 Split files that need changed. There are files with each chapter to help 1CO_01r.html is the References, 1CO_01v.txt is a verse list  for each chapter.

The KJV MP3 SPLIT folder is the KJV Bible split into 31102 verses when this is done. I have only several books done so far. It is a work in progress that needs your help. What I need to do is have you listen to each verse file and let me know what is the exact verse that matches the file name. I am running a computer program that seems about 95% accurate in splitting the chapter files into verse. This is a example of what I need your help in doing.

Choose a book of the Bible and then start with the first chapter and then start with the first verse  1CO_01.0002.mp3. This will be in a MP3 format to help make the file size smaller. Listen to the file and then I need a list of what verse this actually is. Example 1CO_01.0002.mp3 is 1CO_01_01.mp3.  If the verse has only first part of the verse then add a to the file name Example: 1CO_01_01a.mp3. If it is the last part of a verse add a b to the verse 1CO_01_01b.mp3. You might have some where it is a double verse so I would show it this way. Example 1CO_01_01_02.mp3

Then I will update my master files and have a accurate verse Bible which then has many uses for searching for words and hearing the audible version of the verses. I appreciate your help in this goal.  Email me at if you have any questions or a list of file names that need changed to reflect the accurate reference. Please let me know if any file is not KJV. Thanks






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